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Travelling child

We Prepare & Notarize Consent Letters for Children Travelling Abroad

Harman Virk Notary Public in Abbotsford can notarize your child travel authorization letters. Though it goes by names such as child travel letters, child travel declarations and consent letters for traveling abroad, a child travel authorization letter is required if a minor is traveling outside of Canada without one or both parents accompanying him or her. This might be required even if the minor is traveling by air within the country.

To secure such a letter, make an appointment with our office, and be sure to bring:

  • Contact telephone numbers
  • Dates of travel
  • Flight information
  • Passport information of the person with whom the child will be travelling
  • The child's original birth certificate
  • The child's original passport
  • Valid identification

Please also plan to provide information about where your child is staying, which should include the names and contact information for anyone your child will be staying with while outside the country.


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