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Mortgage & Refinancing Services for Clients in Abbotsford

Harman Virk Notary Public, serving clients throughout Abbotsford, offers mortgaging and refinancing services, which can begin as soon as you receive approval on your mortgage. Our office will set up an appointment for you and the other involved parties that will be included on the property title and from there we'll collect your personal information. We do ask that you come with government-issued identification.

Make sure you also provide us the name and contact information of your insurance broker or company, along with the most recent property survey certificate. If that is not available, we can request to obtain title insurance or a new survey, though this will depend on your mortgage lender's requirements. Both may be required.

Additional Mandatory Information

Our office will also need all the statements from your current mortgage or line-of-credit, and this includes reference numbers and contact information for the current lender. Be sure you also ask your lender about charges, prepayment interest and other fees.

If there is pending litigation or judgements, encumbrances, liens and/or any other financial charges against your property, make sure you bring that information as well, along with the name and contact information of the charge holder's lawyer. We will request written documentation from the lawyer with regards to the amount owed to the charge holder, and this could include fees and interest charges.

In cases where the new mortgage lender requires that you pay off the credit you owe, including prior loans and credit cards, before issues the new loan, make sure you retain all documentation and statements of these debts being paid off, in case your lender request that our office process the payouts.


Prepare Documentation

We can help you prepare powers of attorney documentation

To get started with our mortgaging services, contact us today.

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